Juneathon day 14 – indecision, procrastination, and cross training

This morning there was much faffing as I tried to decide what to do. My initial plan was to repeat last Sunday, with a jog down to the park and using the gym machines, but my legs were feeling a bit heavy after yesterday’s long run and I wasn’t really sure I could be bothered with that.

So then I thought I might do a short out and back run, with a faster return leg. But that didn’t really grab me either. I’m planning a strength session tomorrow, so that was out too.

Eventually I settled on a cross training session on the exercise bike. Not my favourite piece of equipment, but not as hated as the cross trainer! I did about 10K in 30mins, which I can’t say I enjoyed very much, but it ticked both the daily activity box and my goal to do more cross training.

Action shot:  


Juneathon day 13 – hello Thames Path my old friend

This morning’s run was all about proving a couple of things. Firstly, that I was well and truly back on the Juneathon wagon after Thursday’s slip. And secondly that I still have it in me to manage a proper long run.

One of the things that had most pleased me about the marathon training was getting to the point where 10 miles was a comfortable distance. While I am not planning any races longer than 10K in the near future, I would quite like to maintain the ability to run long. So my plan is that most weekends will include a long run of around 12K, but that once a month I’ll throw in a 16K. Today was the first attempt at this and my longest run since the marathon.


I opted for part of my favoured marathon training route, which is down to Greenwich then along the Thames Path through Deptford, Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, finishing up by London Bridge. I know the route well and it is a good one. Lots of wide, clear, traffic-free footpaths and, until you hit Tower Bridge, reasonably free of pedestrian traffic too. There’s the obvious bonus of running alongside the river for most of it, plus there are some interesting sights along the way. I love how Dickensian some of it still looks around Rotherhithe and Bermondsey in particular.

Anyway, I’m delighted that not only can I still run 10 miles, I can still run that distance comfortably and I probably could have continued on for a bit if I had wanted to, which is always a good sign.

A good morning’s work!

Here are some of my favourite sights along this stretch of the Thames Path:


Juneathon days 11 & 12 – about those goals…

Well, that post about Junethon goals blew up in my face this week. Oops.

Have been insanely busy and I’m afraid that I have to log a didn’t-really-do-much-that-can-be-counted-as-activity day for yesterday. Very poor effort.

Today at least I managed something: 30mins of strength training. Not much to say about that, but at least it was something. Still, tomorrow is another day and all that…

I’ve also been shamefully neglecting everyone else’s blogs, which is really naughty. Big catch up session this weekend, I promise!

And photos!

Juneathon day 10 – rubbish post (but quite a good run)

Argh, another work trip (I’m in Hertfordshire tonight) and I’ve only just found a quick moment before bed to do my update.

Total app failure again, but I did a hilly route this morning which took just under 30mins, so I reckon somewhere around 4.5k, maybe a bit more.

Sorry for the rubbish post!

Juneathon day 9 – getting back into intervals

I let my speed work slip a bit (quite a lot) during my marathon training. i know, I know – it was both naughty and foolish, as it would have helped build stamina in the long runs, but I was so focused on getting the miles in that other than the odd tempo run, I knocked a lot of speed sessions on the head.

While I don’t have any particular goals in terms of my race times, it’s always nice to get a bit faster, so it’s time to reintroduce intervals. Yay.

Unfortunately I had app failure again, but used the swanky new watch to help time the intervals. I did 5 x 1min high intensity with 1min recovery jogs, with 5mins warm up and cool down, so 20mins in total and around 3K in distance.

It was alright. Hard work, but then interval training is supposed to be I guess. And then as soon as it stops being hard work, I’ll just have to make it harder. Yay.

Juneathon day 8 – feeling old

Apparently an out and back run with strength training in the middle, followed by some fairly energetic dancing to Patti Smith and Ride is enough to properly wipe me out. Oh to be in my teens again (which was how old I was the last time I saw Ride…)

Today’s planned run was very quickly shelved in favour of some stretching to try to heal my aching limbs. Ow. Not a particularly stellar Juneathon effort, but it was better than nothing!

No photos from today as I barely left the house – thankfully I had the foresight to take today as leave – but here’s something from last night:


It might have been painful, but it was totally worth it.

Juneathon day 7 – early start, balloons, Peckham Rye, and weekly totals

So I had one of those annoying mornings where I woke up at 5:15 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I gave up trying at about 5:40 and went out into the garden to enjoy some early morning sunshine and was greeted with this sight:


How amazing is that? Apparently it was some Lord Mayor of London thing – all I know is that it was a very cool thing to see and instantly made me happy that my stupid body had woken me up early enough to see it.

My early start meant that I could get my activity nicely out of the way. I decided to mix it up a little this morning, so jogged over to Peckham Rye and did a couple of circuits on the outdoor gym in the park. I love these things. If you’ve never come across them, they are essentially a selection of machines which use body weight for strength exercises. And they are free!

IMG_0146 IMG_0148

After my circuits I had a little stroll around the pond to say hello to the ducks:

IMG_0154 IMG_0152 IMG_0150

And then jogged back home again. So a total run of just under 5K, plus a 30 minute strength workout. All before 8:30am. Not bad.

Now time for the week one totals:

  • Running: 33.5km (about 20 miles)
  • Strength & core workouts: 1hr 40mins (3 sessions)

What a great week!

As for the rest of today, I’m off to my first festival of the month, Field Day in Victoria Park, where I shall dance the day away to Patti Smith and Ride and whoever else is on. I think the beer may cancel out the dancing activity though 🙂

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