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…and relax! Janathon day 31


DONE! It is done! Whoop whoop, well done everyone, happy days and congrats etc.

I finished Janathon on a high note, with my longest run of the year so far – a long, slow 13.1 miles. It was only supposed to be 13 miles, but I couldn’t resist the extra bit to get to half marathon distance 🙂

I took it slowly and had a great run. Man alive, it was cold though! I endured freezing drizzle (which I didn’t even know existed until this morning – thanks Yahoo weather app), sleet, snow, more sleet and finally rain. I wasn’t sure that I was ever going to get back the feeling in my thighs, but I was eternally grateful for deciding to spend big bucks on a high quality winter running jacket, which kept me dry and warm up top. Still, at least I now know that I can endure a decent distance in really crappy weather!

I didn’t take many pics on the run as I didn’t fancy stopping and de-gloving in the various weather conditions, but it had all eased off by the time I was in the final mile and passed the Design Museum, so I took these because they looked cool and made me happy.

IMG_0093 IMG_0094

And that’s not the end of it! We had tickets today to a tour of the closed Aldwych tube station, which was very cool but involved walking down 160 steps – and then of course walking back up 160 steps. My legs were not impressed with this additional activity, but it was definitely worth the effort.

IMG_0102  IMG_0100 IMG_0099 IMG_0106 IMG_0103 IMG_0108

So, now it is time for the all important totals!

I’m delighted to report that thanks to today’s run, I passed the 100 mile mark and can join the Janathon 100 club! Yippee!


Running: 101 miles
Walking: 17 miles
Cross training: 4.5 hours

I’m very happy with those totals and am feeling massively smug and proud of myself! Once again, the real fun of Janathon has been reading everyone else’s blogs and finding out what you’ve all been doing. I’m looking forward to reading through all the final posts and totals tonight. With a large beer. I’m also looking forward to an actual genuine proper lie in tomorrow!

This year I definitely will be continuing with the blog as I’ll be writing about my training leading up to London, so do hang around for that. I promise not to completely abandon it like I did last year…

Congratulations everyone 😀


*insert interesting blog post title here* – Janathon day 30

Just one more day to go! Seriously running out of stuff to say, particularly as I really didn’t do very much today.

Following a busy day yesterday, which involved a conference in the morning, rushing back to the office for a 2pm crisis meeting, then heading back out for dinner with conference delegates (which subsequently meant a very late night for me), I gave myself a lie-in of 6am. Luxury. Well, perhaps it would have been if I had got to bed before 11.30pm. Well, perhaps not, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, was feeling quite bleary all day and all I managed was a 45 minute walk around Covent Garden at lunchtime. Still, better than nothing. Plus I’m planning to finish on a high tomorrow, with a 13 mile long run, so that will more than make up for today!

Squeezing in a blog post – Janathon day 29

I’m at a conference all day, followed by a dinner tonight, so there’ll be no time to blog later.

30 minutes of strength work and stretching done this morning. There’ll probably be a bit of walking later.

It must be nearly the end of Janathon – I’m knackered and I’ve run out of interesting ways to say not very much 🙂

Run commute – Janathon day 28

Ran into work again this morning. It was pretty rubbish for a whole host of reasons: heavy weather, heavy legs, heavy backpack (because I’d forgotten to pack a coat in with the clothes I’d left to change into at work). As if to rub my face in how rubbish it was, just as I was passing Temple tube station towards the end of the run, I saw a RAT disappearing behind some bins. Eurgh. I’m afraid I didn’t get a photo because I was too busy going “eurgh.”

My post-run recovery treat cheered me up a bit though – good old chocolate milk 🙂


Ah well, sometimes a run is just rubbish isn’t it – I’ll rest up for a couple of days and do some quality stretching so that the legs are fresh for the long run on Saturday.

Tempo Tuesday – Janathon day 27

Back to running this morning. Just three miles, which I did as a tempo run. It felt like a bit of a struggle to be honest. I remember finding this when I was training for my half, that the shorter runs became much more difficult – something about needing a few miles to get into my stride or something. Anyway, I was quite surprised that I was hitting the pace that I was, and even more surprised to see my splits when I finished.

IMG_0089 IMG_0090

This evening I went to a physiotherapy workshop that was put on by the charity I’m running the marathon for. It was quite useful – more for confirmation of things I’d already read up on, than for teaching me anything I didn’t know, but that’s always comforting. The nicest thing was meeting a few of the other charity runners, who I’ve only previously met online. It also made me feel quite confident that I’m training at the right pace and doing all the right things, so that can’t be bad.

I’ve also just worked out that – all going to plan over the final few days of janathon – I should reach (or even exceed) 100 miles this month, which will be an all time record for me. Party!

Away day – Janathon day 26

Today was my team’s away day, so we had a morning focussing on work related stuff and then an afternoon of fun team building stuff. More of which in a bit.

I definitely needed to rest the legs a bit after yesterday’s long run, so took advantage of the different location to get a walk in. OK so this wasn’t quite a full rest, but it felt good to stretch them out in a walk rather than a run. I walked from Victoria station to the venue in Marble Arch and then back the other way at the end of the day. A distance of 1.5 miles each way, according to Google.

It was nice to walk through a bit of Hyde Park – the last time I was there was for the half in October. It’s still looking pretty, even in the depths of Winter.

So, what was the fun team building activity, I hear you all ask? Chocolate making! Yum.


I like how my blog is a balance of naughty food and virtuous activity. I’m all about balance.

The rewards of running – Janathon day 25


These long runs are getting long.

12 miles then. We had a busy day ahead, with a trip to the cinema planned for lunchtime, so I had to get out early. Proper early for a Sunday. So off I trundled at 7:30 this morning, not exactly feeling over the moon about the prospect of 12 miles, but prepared for it at least.

Although it was early, it was pretty light so I decided on a route through the Surrey Canal path I wrote about a few days ago, and then through a tiny bit of Burgess Park. Both looked very pretty in the early morning light.



My route then took me down to Tower Bridge, along the South Bank to Vauxhall Bridge, across and past the Houses of Parliament, back south over Westminster Bridge and finally finishing up at London Bridge, where I caught the train home again. Phew.

IMG_0085 IMG_0086

It was a good run. I felt comfortable for most of it, though the last two miles felt a bit tough. It was only when I looked back over my splits that I realised that I ran miles 11 and 12 faster than the rest, so no wonder they were a bit tough! Not sure what happened there, must have been excited about nearly being done 🙂

The best thing was getting home to an amazing breakfast of French toast, lovingly prepared by Mr Bee, with brioche he’d baked yesterday and accompanied by some of our homemade raspberry jam (raspberries from the garden, of course).

Yes, yes – running is its own reward, but French toast will do in a pinch, don’t you think?


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